We do this through collaboration with industry and other

A brief comparison of Australian and Turkish universities

where to find cheap jordans As a part of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility staff mobility program, and thanks cheap jordans on sale to an exchange agreement between my university (Middle East Technical University [METU], in Ankara, Turkey) and RMIT, I had the great opportunity of spending two weeks on Melbourne City campus. where to find cheap jordans

cheap authentic retro jordans My first impression about RMIT before coming here was how big it was. But soon after I came, I realised that it is beyond my estimations. cheap authentic retro jordans

cheap jordans australia As I am working full time cheap air force as a part of the press office at METU, my main cheap jordans from china goal was picking the brains of the central Communications team. Thankfully, they welcomed me as soon as I arrived and they helped me gain insight into RMIT, linking me to other communications and marketing units across the University, and giving me the opportunity to present on the higher education system in Turkey and at METU. cheap jordans australia

cheap real jordans for sale free shipping My journey started with a brief City campus tour and it really impressed me a lot. Bringing different architectural styles together without crowding each other out, aesthetic usage of shapes and colours, especially in recreational and study areas created cheap jordans for sale and designed for students those cheap jordans china are the physical elements that fascinated me. cheap real jordans for sale free shipping

cheap jordans in usa I have learnt about how things are done at RMIT related to marketing and communications, and thanks to various marketing teams cheap jordan sneakers within different departments had some useful ideas about improving METU strengths in these areas. cheap jordans in usa

cheap jordans 5 Overall, as far as I can see, there are differences as well as similarities between the two universities. If we start with the student populations, we are nearly half the size of RMIT, comparing the main campuses. (We have a graduate school campus in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, namely Mersin/Erdemli and an overseas campus in Northern Cyprus other than our main campus in Ankara.) cheap jordans 5

cheap good jordans Second, we have a totally different system in the area of domestic recruitment. We have a central exam system, and cheap jordans in china school leavers in Cheap jordans Turkey choose on the basis of the scores they get in a national two stage exam. cheap jordans sale If their score is cheap Air max shoes enough to be enrolled in one of their choices, they are placed in a university and program by the central system. So, we can recruit our domestic students on our own. cheap good jordans

cheap jordans 50 dollars Another difference is on the operational side. METU has a central communications cheap nike shoes office. Each and every department is in contact with this office. In other words, we don have cheap jordans shoes different communications cheap jordans for sale or marketing offices that handle work locally. cheap jordans 50 dollars

cheap retro jordans free shipping Instead, they sending their requests about making a video, designing a poster cheap air jordan for an upcoming event, submitting press releases, etc. to our Communications Office cheap retro jordans free shipping

cheap nike jordan shoes for men In short, instead of every department operating their own marketing and communications, everything is centralised. cheap nike jordan shoes for men

cheap jordan sneakers for men This isn to criticise, because both systems have their own pros and cons (for instance; decentralisation provides more creativity and independence, a central body ensures corporate brand management). cheap jordan sneakers for men

cheap jordans ireland One other difference depends on the completely cheap jordans online different education sectors. Our higher education system is still nearly completely free. If you are an undergraduate student, and if you finish your degree within the normal time period (four to six years according to the Department of Higher Education) you pay nothing in tuition. cheap jordans ireland

where to get cheap jordans You need cheap jordans free shipping to pay a nominal fee only if you prolong your study period. So, our university needs to generate income by other means in order to provide a better service for the students. We do this through collaboration with industry and other sources of research funding. At METU, research revenues account for more than 35 per cent of all university expenditures annually (including all payroll costs). where to get cheap jordans

buy cheap retro jordans online To sum up, due to the distinctive features of both secondary and higher education systems in the two countries, there are various approaches to domestic recruitment and communications. buy cheap retro jordans online

cheap authentic retro jordans websites They both have cheap adidas their own strengths and weaknesses. Observing different kinds of applications within similar institutions, as I did here in the RMIT, can provide in depth analysis and allow us to identify possible progress for both systems cheap authentic retro jordans websites.


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