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Eriksson adjusts to role as guerrilla in the Soho Square mist

Sven Goran Eriksson holds the football post with the utmost prestige, the greatest national significance, the highest profile and scarcely any power at all. The England coach is reported to be considering giving up the job if there are widespread withdrawals from next week’s friendly with Australia.

Whether or not he has any such intention, it is true that the threat of resignation is the only weapon he possesses.

The people who matter, however, are not reduced to awestruck compliance by that prospect. Authentic Prada Handbags For Cheap The Swede was rumoured to be on the verge of walking out when his ally Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy Adam Crozier came under attack. Despite that, the clubs did not abandon their plans to gain even Apertura Outlet Prada Baby Prada Shoes Uk Montevarchi more power at the FA and the chief executive soon left Soho Square.

A disappointed Eriksson still found the perseverance to keep on collecting his £2m salary. In fairness to the former Lazio manager, the pay cheques would not suffice to turn him Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi into a servile employee. At the first hint of his disaffection at least three affluent clubs were claimed to be eager to appoint him.

Scandinavia has long been prone to anglophilia in football matters and Eriksson prizes the position with England. He understands the club culture of this country and will not have been surprised, for example, to find Premiership chairmen unanimously opposed to his preference for a winter break in the schedule.

He has even strived to evade confrontation and the Australia game will be only his second friendly of the season.

Eriksson is conciliatory compared with many of his counterparts. Even Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi the donnish Arsène Wenger might have been screaming profanities in a soundproofed corner of Highbury when informed that Gilberto Silva is required to go to China with Carlos Alberto Parreira’s Brazil on February 12. The midfielder will be in no fit state to take on Manchester United at Old Trafford three days later.

Eriksson has an instinct for compromise but the tact does not always spare him rude treatment. Back in September, Sir Alex Ferguson withdrew Paul Scholes from the squad for the friendly with Portugal and then put him through 90 minutes against Middlesbrough the following night. The Manchester United manager argued that his midfielder was genuinely suffering fitness problems but Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk had to be pressed into service because other candidates had more severe injuries.

Eriksson may have regarded that explanation as sophistry. The statement previously attributed to his mother immediately came to mind. “Alex Ferguson is a threat to my son,” said Ulla Eriksson. “Sven once told me that it is pointless having national team games in April or May because Ferguson always makes sure that his players aren’t fit.”

Matters could have altered since then. At Old Trafford, they might be taking a dim view of February as well. It is unreasonable to berate Ferguson if he deplores an England match inserted between the Manchester Authentic Prada Handbags For Cheap derby and the visit of Arsenal.

The United manager should not be castigated if he yearns to withdraw his players from Best Prada Outlet In Milan international duty. Given the focus on his efforts to prove that he is not in decline after a trophyless season it would be absurd to ask that he handicap himself. It is not the Authentic Prada Handbags Canada Scot or anyone else in similar circumstances who is at fault as much as the pressures under which they operate. Why should Ferguson have a care for the build-up to an England trip to Vaduz next month?

Knowing what it is like to be at the forefront of club football, Eriksson has generally pre vented the friendlies from being onerous. The multiple substitutions might let him look at a range of candidates but they also ensure that no single player will get very tired.

Last March, for example, every single member of the starting line-up against Italy at Elland Road was removed before the end. This season there were seven substitutions in the draw with Portugal. If Eriksson and the club managers reach an accommodation in such a fashion, the people with a grievance are the fans who watch an occasion from which sporting interest has been meticulously extracted. By now, however, supporters at least know what to expect from friendlies.

Eriksson must settle for whatever compromised bene fit there is in these games. For all his prominence and the trappings of office, he has to dodge disputes and make the best of the circumstances. In the bid to build a trophy-winning England prada online store, he needs to snatch little successes here and there. Rather than being supreme commander of a great force, Eriksson fights on as a guerrilla leader.


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