Luckily, his weapon is quite interesting and canada goose

Show off your spring units

Re uploads and canada goose factory outlet Canada Goose Online artwork of characters not present in game will canada goose outlet uk sale be removed.

Spoilers, including those from Canada Goose Parka any game in the series, should be hidden with spoiler tags. Usable, but none of them will dominate the metagame.

Lucina is likely the best canada canada goose clearance goose outlet sale as she is close to Linde canada goose uk outlet power canada goose outlet online level and is available canada goose outlet store from a banner. Trades a little bit of offensive punch for defensive official canada goose outlet stats, which isn what you want out of your high canada goose black friday sale SPD mages. Still, Linde is a unit that is far above the power curve so having something that even comes close is respectable. She uk canada goose outlet occupies this weird middle ground between goose outlet canada Linde and M!Robin, making her very flexible.

Camilla is canada goose outlet online uk underwhelming, but canada goose outlet parka that mostly because of her mediocre SPD. She the only flying mage we got so we have canada goose clearance sale to make due for now. Even with her poor SPD she canada goose factory sale can still do some work canada goose outlet in canada goose store usa with a Blade Tome Canada Goose Outlet and a dancer.

Chrom is a respectable Green frontliner and fills a hole that has Canada Goose Jackets been missing in the canada goose outlet nyc roster for awhile. He isn going to change the canada goose jacket outlet world, but he does his job and does it pretty well.

Xander is kind of just bad, sadly. Luckily, his weapon is quite interesting and canada goose outlet shop may be worth passing along to another unit at some point. Just yolo Bun Chrom.

Camilla speed is completely negligible if you build her like you would a cavalry Canada Goose online mage: canada goose canada goose coats outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale new york city give canada goose canada goose black friday sale outlet store uk her a blade tome and buffs, and she OHKO. 46 attack canada goose outlet canada neutral is nothing to sneeze at. I do wish she kept her high res, but it possible to go canada goose outlet black friday Gronnraven/triangle adept if you canada goose want an archer tank (Though Michalis probably does that better?).

Xander I not sure how to cheap Canada Goose build. With buy canada goose jacket Fortify Cav he gets 41 def at neutral I believe, so he a good candidate Canada Goose sale for a cavalry team blue melee wall. I have to look it up but you could replace his carrot with a sapphire canada goose coats on sale lance to take care or reds and potentially lancebreaker to patch his poor speed. That said while I love him, his free uk canada goose red sword version coming in May is certainly better: can reach 46 (even 50) defense on cav team and has canada goose uk black friday distant counter with high attack.

Not sure about Chrom yet as I have to check his stats, but he can reach 50 attack before buffs on neutral (or maybe +atk nature?). We slowly shifting to a blue meta so he canada goose outlet uk could be a dark horse.

Lucina seems like a discount Linde with less speed and attack but still high enough to do considerable work. I reckon she could work well with a Blarblade and sort of be like a blue Nino.

Xander seems to be not that great. Maybe i just no good with Cavalry but looking at his buy canada goose jacket cheap level 40 stats, his attack seems pretty low for his level of speed. Mine gets offset a canada goose outlet little thanks to the attack boon but canada goose outlet reviews it not great.

Chrom is a decent enough axe unit. I definately be using him whenever I train an axe unit because that double XP for axe units is definately useful for training.

Camilla I honestly have not canada goose uk shop touched yet (busy training the other three) but cheap Canada Goose Parkas it looks like that with a gronnblade and plenty of those flier canada goose outlet jackets specific cheap canada goose uk buffs, she wreck havok.

Overall, not the best for competitive but I think that OK. I think they more designed to be fun seasonal units canada goose outlet toronto factory and not something to be taken too seriously. I can definately see Lucina getting used if you lack Linde and canadian goose jacket Camilla on flier emblem teams.


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