I want a career relating to business or IT but I don’t know

Both. I love to learn, but I feel sometimes that I not learning at all in college (math subjects bad explained that leave you unable to fully understand more advanced subjects, useless computer science subjects that waste your time making you copypaste diagrams, and that, one, “wonderful” enterprise/business subject every enginiering grade has to have) and sometimes I learn more in youtube videos than in class, xD. So I can consider I on college only because of my love to learn, it also because of the “paper” they give you at the end..

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moncler mens jackets Would I be able to do a masters in finance with no prior background and plus my horrible GPA? (take a shot for every time I mention my GPA lol) Any sort of masters degree (information systems, business management?) I was moncler womens jackets looking into Pace university Information Systems Master program because they don require any previous related course moncler outlet prices work. But I highly doubt I get in. I want a career relating to business or IT but I don’t know how or where to get started. moncler mens jackets

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