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goose outlet canada The truth behind Birmingham’s affordable housing shortageDevelopers have been able to exploit loopholes to avoid providing affordable housingDevelopers are exploiting loopholes in planning regulations to avoid providing affordable canada goose outlet authentic housing in the city, figures obtained by BirminghamLive have revealed.In a joint investigation with HuffPost UK, Birmingham City Council is failing its promise to secure affordable housing as part of new developments barely achieving ten per cent of its promised 35 per cent figure.Figures obtained in a Freedom of Information request show that of the 4,768 houses approved for development in 2016/17, just 425 approved were lower cost housing.Housing experts say the lack of canada goose outlet legit affordable housing impacts everyone from those attempting to get on the first rung of the housing ladder, those in the private renting sectors whose rents are soaring due to high demand, and those waiting on the social housing list.But house builders are allowed to sidestep rules on affordable housing if they can show that providing discounted homes would stop the development making a profit.Like many others his age stuck in canada goose outlet seattle private renting, Craig Griffiths, 36, assumed he would have a house by now. The Birmingham hair stylist has canada goose outlet factory been renting for a “depressing” 18 years, and despite saving is no closer to buying a place of his own.He’s just one of the many people in the city struggling to get on the housing ladder, directly affected impacted by a lack of affordable homes.Mr Griffiths says he has been told that he might need a deposit of between and to buy and he’ll likely have to move out of the city to find somewhere he can afford.Number of homeless families trapped in bed and breakfast accommodation has doubledHe says: “It’s so depressing, and my rent keeps going up. My friend’s pay a month on their mortgages whereas I pay I’m that desperate to get on the housing ladder that I am going to have to consider moving up to an hour away from where my work is, and where all my friends live.”Buying is important to him as he believes it will give him security when he is older, canada goose outlet especially as he is freelance and therefore doesn’t have a pension or get sick pay.He says it annoys him that Birmingham doesn’t seem to be addressing the issue goose outlet canada.


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